CV Writing Service

After reviewing a very substantial number of CVs and speaking to many candidates as well as employers, Silver Seed is now able to offer a CV writing service as part of our unique consultative approach to recruitment.

You may be satisfied with your CV, however if you are finding that you are not getting as much or the right interest from recruiters or employers than you had hoped then we can help change that.

We believe your CV must reflect you and your skill set in the best possible light and be able to sell you to prospective employers or agencies. We can help you to highlight the important aspects of your career, however long or short it has been. Moreover, here at Silver Seed we know that to have your CV found by as many recruiters or employers as possible you need to have the correct key words to enable your CV to be seen by as many relevant people as possible.

In this digital age there are certain techniques and methods that are used by companies and recruiters to find candidates. Writing a CV is not as hard as you might think, but writing a good, tailored CV requires more inside knowledge and understanding of the process. As a recruitment consultancy we know what will increase the chances of your CV to be found in database searches as well as making a strong first impression.

Our CV writing service is not about exaggerations or fabrications. For a fee of £50 plus VAT we will listen to your needs, understand your career motivations, experiences and skills and then create your CV to attract as much attention as possible.
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